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Evo Tri Zone


A further evolution of the top model range brings integration of the rim in the tyrewarmer.The motorbike racing tyrewarmer that warms the rim. It integrates a lug along the circumference which rests inside the circle and heating it. Completely made of Nomex fabric inside and outside. The heating of the tyrewarmer is divided into two areas and the division of the electrical part into two independent managed by a control unit inserted on the rod, allowing to reach a temperature of 120 ° C evenly across the entire surface of the tyre. The control unit also controls the integrated rim heater, allowing temperature adjustment separate from the tyre.


The product Evo Tri Zone provides the ability to have custom colors and logos on request, such as Aruba Ducati Superbike Team, Aprilia Team Gresini tyrewarmers, BMW Althea Racing tyrewarmers, Honda CIA tyrewarmers, Suzuki Grau Racing tyrewarmers, MV Reparto Corse Forward Racing tyrewarmers…


Technology for race bikers and professional teams. Electric blankets are essential in every level of motorbikes’ competition. They are also essential for amateur use because tyres need to warm up for granting the best grip and also because the preheating makes the tyres last for a long time.


Angel Nieto Team’s Ducati MotoGp, Suter of Forward Team in MotoGp, ARUBA SUPERBIKE TEAM and Ducati’s Barni Racing, Althea’s BMW, Team Aprilia Milwakee’s RSV4 and many more: all of theme use Thermal Technology electric blankets.


The carbon fiber used technology is the same for amateur products and for teams’ products. 


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