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            We are pleased to announce TJ Corse Racer Support Program for 2021-2022 . If you’re an active racer in your community looking to level up your game, apply to become an official  Racer now. We’re looking for passionate, like-minded athletes who love racing and are excited to spread the word on our revolutionary forged-composite helmets. We look forward to receiving your application and starting our racing journey together. 


  • How it works:

    • Fill out our online submission form below or send resumes directly to See eligibility requirements below before submitting your information.

  • TJ Corse Racer Benefits:

    • Once selected, you will gain access to special pricing or free on TJ Corse products as well as receive exclusive branded apparel. 

  • Eligibility requirements:

    • All of your contact information (Full name, age, address, phone number, and main email).

    • A short introduction that describes yourself and why you want to be a TJ Corse Racer

    • List your class, skill level, and race/event schedule for the upcoming season, as well as how many years you have been riding.

    • Race results from the past year, and/or any media exposure you may have received

    • Photos and headshots

    • We accept applications from Aug 2023

    • You MUST have an active, public Instagram account and be willing to promote TJ Corse on your page.

    • If you are under 18 years of age, you must provide Guardian/Parent information.

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